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The Kenley Fence😱

The fence should have been on the outside of the peri track on common land. On an already small airfield this introduces an additional flight safety hazard. It was put there to appease the minority nimbys who have moved to the area in recent years who think they have right to walk all over the airfield because they see it as part of Kenley Common. The fence will not stop their dogs from leaving deposits all over the airfield on non flying days. These deposits rarely get picked up by the owners of the dogs, despite doggy bags and bins being available. These deposits are picked up by the launching cable parachutes and on the knees of glider pilots when attaching cables to the gliders😱
It seems that some cyclists even want the (historic) bullet holes in the peri track removed and replaced with nice smooth tarmac so they can ride their bikes even faster round the peri track! The signs look good, let's see what the nimbys think about them!
Let us see Air Cadet gliders over RAF Kenley again! Looks like the "pause" will turn out to be five years for 615!

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