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Originally Posted by red9 View Post
Like all of the ex BMI Boys and Girls who remain at the bottom.........
Not quite true is it Red9...

From day one the ex bmi boys & girls have been able to join RHS LH & therefore leave the bmi bubble... indeed I watched through my 5 year engagement freeze junior pilots do exactly that... & get commands on LH&SH! Frustrating for me yes but that was the deal. Any ex bmi Pilot bidding for a protected command also knew the deal & therefore would enter the bmi bubble, wether thatís fare or not thatís the deal. So to assume there was no choice is frankly wrong, it was their Choice!

However in 2016 Commands went so junior that a group of ex bmi pilots achieved an aspirational position, I along with many feel they should be in the BA list & why BALPA doesnít correct this I donít know... I guess because it doesnít suit them & by them I mean IG. Iíve also been told that itís to do with MPE , but thatís a load of pony because as people eventually retire it will become impossible to maintain that MPE. Donít forget it was the ex bmi Pilots that scuppered the last JSS vote too!

Red if you want the bmi bubble to be disbanded then be my guest to complain to BALPA, weíre all BA pilots which means we all adhere to the MOA & all have a MSL position. I respect the negative aspects of the integration deal, so should everyone.
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