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Originally Posted by Denti View Post
And apparently, as a result of that incident some parts of the government are discussing getting either a brand new A350 or A330 (NEO probably) for chancellor transportation services. Although all jets of the Flugbereitschaft are used for all of the government and quite often for MPs as well, even those of the opposition in some cases.
I still hope they're going to help out Lufthansa, take one or two of their A380s off their hands, pay them to turn them into VVIP planes and then pay them to keep them maintained. That way, the government can support the national airline (who have a reputation for doing a good job at that). They also might want to get a few crews of Lufthansa security clearances so they are allowed to fly the chancellor - I think the risk of having a crew subverted is less than having crews with too low flight time. Of course, Lufthansa then has to make sure these crews are not too fatigued... :-)

Also, we get a chance to spite Donnie a bit at the next G20 summit... :-P

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