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JQ, $461 million profit vs QF INTL $399 million profit.
JQ needed 93 aircraft doing domestic and international legs to achieve that. How many of QF's 214 aircraft fleet are international? I reckon from that Annual Report - 27 - not counting any of the 737's and disregarding that the 787's do some domestic legs. So on a per aircraft basis, QF International is far more profitable.
From the Report:
Jetstar International had strong earnings with ROIC>WACC whilst all Jetstarís branded airlines in Asia were profitable. Jetstar Japan maintained its domestic Low Cost Carrier (LCC) leadership position, Jetstar Pacific improved its domestic position as capacity discipline returned to the market and Jetstar Asia contributed to benefits from the Singapore hub switch.
They won't say how profitable Jetstar's branded airlines in Asia are though, will they. They don't even say that Jetstar International is profitable. It only has to be $1, but that wouldn't be much of a return on investment would it?
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