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Originally Posted by Capt Ecureuil View Post
OK I'll pip in.

What is this "Toxic Atmosphere" that a few post about? Is it the management, the training department, or fellow crew?

Nearly 30 years in I still remember joining with many thousand hours at the bottom of the most senior fleet, twas the way that it is was then and always has been, perhaps because we didn't have the internet there wasn't so much bitching.

Just to add in all those years there is only one guy that I wouldn't shake hands with after a trip.
Wasn’t me was it

Seriously....good point about the intergripe.....I think the big irritant ATM is managements never ending bearing down on some aspects of the day job and what some perceive as the hectoring of the line staff whilst they seem OTOH to be ignoring things that really do need fixing but don’t get it done because doing so would cost 10 pence....

As for previous comments about senority and JSS...There seems to several different sides to this and I think the point made about some people expecting every weekend off is very valid. The way I’ve heard it in the last few days is some of the community got their heads around the JSS process early on / got lucky/ constructed bids iaw with their senority and associated expectations and achieved rosters that probably were a match to anything they got under Bidline, if not better. Some of the absolute disasters might have been finger trouble/people being stupidly optimistic and then not having a realistic backstop (if that is not too controversial a term these days) which meant when those didn’t work out they got dumped on, and then there is the issue of those that were previously on Blindlines finding they are now being rostered to a full months flying...I do understand some of the angry reactions I have read elsewhere but I’ve spoken to a lot of people who were happy with the result...I still think it will need until at least Easter until we see how it will work long term.

The really big thing to understand is the senority aspect of working at BA is not going away any time soon.

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