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Originally Posted by blow.n.gasket View Post
Would be interesting to trace the flow of money and to whom it flows with regards to the leases on all these new aircraft !
It’s been well rumoured and alleged for years that Alan & co set up finance companies to buy aircraft and lease them to Qantas. Very few of the newer JQ 320’s and QF 737 are solely owned and financed by Qantas Airways Pty Ltd. I remember flying a relatively new 738 a few years back that had the ownership plaque on the back of the flight deck wall stating that the aircraft was owned by “Cello Leasing Plc” of Dublin Ireland and leased to Qantas Airways. Gee, I wonder who the director of Cello Leasing might be and whether they are allegedly associated to AJ? And then there was the big rumour that GD & PG’s aircraft leasing company bought the 767’s and leased them back to Qantas, hence QF were stuck with them longer them longer they needed them and were a financial burden way longer than they were ever engaged in revenue flying for the airline. Allegedly, AJ was aware of this deal and was happy to play along, hence he got the CEO gig and allegedly JB was not compliant hence he missed out and moved on to VA.

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