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Originally Posted by obgraham View Post
Meadow, your logic escapes me. Piloting and politicing have little in common. You wouldn’t want to see me, an amateur, in that LHS, and I suspect you would be of little use at an operating room table.

The people, via the system bequeathed to them, told our established political class that we are tired of their self perpetuating ways. Indeed, we have a bunch of crooks and bullies in government. Most of them are Democrats. Fortunately they are finding there are limits to their powers. Other nations are starting to see the same things.
It’s official, you are delusional. Let’s play a game. You claim most of the crooks in government are Democrats. You name all the serving Democrats who have been found guilty or who are currently under criminal investigation, and I’ll do the same with the Republicans and we’ll see what the numbers tell us (speaking of which, I notice Ryan Zinke must have decided that he’s under one too many of those investigations to be able to keep his nose in the trough unmolested).

Also, ‘the people’ are sick of crooks and bullies so they hire Donald Trump???
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