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Assumes a car journey yes I agree. However seeing as there’s absolutely nothing written down as to what constitutes an acceptable commute by air, you have to assume the same applies. The problem is as Wiggy has said in the past, so I have to credit him with this particular example, you could get up at the crack of sparrows to fly into Heathrow and sit around the CRC for 12 hours before operating a long haul flight in the evening and tick every box of what EASA says constitutes proper rest, yet we know doing that you’d be laughably tired. What’s wrong with treating us like proper professionals and allowing us to judge what is sensible? Yes some people take the mick but take those individuals to one side and deal with them. Don’t band them together with all of us and treat the rest of us like naughty children. That’s all I’m arguing. I’ve done a drive from Birmingham to Heathrow to go to work (90 mins) and I’ve taken a flight from Jersey to Gatwick to go to work (I think everyone knows who I am by now) and I know which journey I felt more tired after (rhetorical).
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