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Never heard of an All-Ranks edition as mentioned at Post #6, but then there would always have been local variations on the theme.
Good grief, what a frightful concept... Perhaps on a small detachment now and again, but never routinely on a home station.

Where a station had a large number of beanstealers (e.g. OASC Biggin Hill), they often tried to hold Happy Hour on Thursdays, so that they could snore off their hangovers behind their desks on Friday mornings, then poke off on Friday afternoon. We had an OM Mess Meeting at Biggin Hill where the idea of Dining-In Nights being held on Thursdays was put to the vote. With rather a significant number of cheesed-off aircrew (and fighter controllerettes ) reselection officers being there at the time, the vote went in favour of retaining Friday nights for D-I-Ns.... Some of the beanstealers were, shall we say, not exactly happy...

Re. Vulcan sight line, when we went over to green gloves, the SFOM sight glass against green gloves could make a passable mirror to see whether the lower deck was asleep...

As was the case with our Nav Rad - downwind from Scampton for an Infernal Aids approach, we were virtually at the Binbrook MATZ before the bugger woke up.
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