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Originally Posted by James Blatch View Post
Q2: (Sorry, they are coming slowly as this account is subject to moderation at the moment).

Line of sight in the Vulcan crew area.

I believe there may have been a curtain or screen put in place between the cockpit and the rear crew area of a Vulcan? Was that always in place? If it was not in place, can any crew members recall whether it was possible to see back into the rear crew from the cockpit and vice versa?

Iíve sat in a Vulcan a couple of times and this does appear to be the case, but Iím not sure about the curtain/screen arrangement.
There were anti-flash screens between front and rear. During day time flights they were usually closed to that the radar was not affected by the daylight. At night this was less a problem though the pilots might request them closed if the rear crew lighting was too bright.

It was possible, if the blinds were open to look either way except that only the AEO could see the copilot and the Nav Rad see the captain. Obviously if someone in the back got out of their seat and went forward they could see more.
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