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Originally Posted by Pontius Navigator View Post
Reading the last few points it would seem that there is only one outcome - hard Brexit.

​​​​​​It was said that it is too late for Parliament to revoke Article 50.
This is not true. The only requirement is that a revocation must come out of a national democratic process such as an election, a referendum or an act of parliament. An election can be held 3 weeks from the initial call. If the winning party stood on a manifesto commitment to withdraw the art.50 notification then the ECJ said that's good enough for them to just write to the Council to switch it off (I'm not suggesting that it's going to happen - merely that it is technically possible). A referendum could not be held in time without a change to the election & referendums legislation, and this is frequently cited as a reason why it can't be done, BUT... there is no actual reason why legislation cannot be passed within a few days, and certainly within a few weeks. If the government introduced a fast-tracked, single-clause bill to withdraw the Article 50 notice it could actually be passed in less than two weeks if it had a significant majority who could prevent it being amended. A single-clause bill can go through committee stage in one day, and it can then return immediately to the house for 3rd reading. Indeed it is not completely unknown for simple bills to go through 2nd reading, committee/report stage and 3rd reading on the same day. So whilst it would be unusual, it is NOT impossible for UK to withdraw even now - it is NOT too late.

Why don't we just chuck the towel in, say OK hard it is and Ompah, ompah, stick it up Junker, and move on now rather than muck along for 3 months. A large proportion of the 52% will get what they thought they were voting for.
How do you know that "a large proportion" of the 52% want a hard brexit? You have no way of knowing this, and even if you wrote it on the side of a bus it wouldn't make it inherently true. One of the best truisms I've heard recently is the suggestion that 17 million people voted Leave for 17 million reasons, while 16 million voted Remain all for the same reason. Again, this is conjecture, but the whole reason why we are in this mess at this stage is precisely BECAUSE there is no consensus on what "Leave" actually meant, even amongst those who voted for it.

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