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Originally Posted by Sallyann1234 View Post
I have, very sadly, to agree with VP959.

Our European friends and soon to be ex-partners are seriously p'd off with the UK We have always dragged our heels within the EU, claimed special privileges and generally been a rectal trauma. Then we embarked on Brexit which has been been the worse aggravation of all.

​​​​​​In the unlikely event that we managed to cancel art.50 now, we would legally be back to where we started. But the other nations would never trust us again. Our credibility with the EU (and with the rest of the world) has been destroyed. You may be sure there will be no favours when the next financial review comes around.

We are out of the EU.
If UK stays then it will have less impact than Malta, whatever it comes up with will be just chucked back at them with "What are you going to do, LEAVE".hahahahaha

UK has shot themselves in both feet.

If UK economy was thriving and exporting massively etc etc then may have a case. It is not and uses City of London to balance the books. Amazing how many jobs have moved overseas since the vote and many institutions are saying little about the job moves.
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