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Originally Posted by Sprogget View Post
Not so. The ruling states clearly art 50 can be cancelled unequivocally at which point we remain a full member on all terms. Anything beyond that is classic anti EU mythology & even then the view is based as so much of Brexiteer nonsense on faith, belief, a finger in the air.
OK, let's use an example. Say you get notice from company that you've contracted with for years, saying that they are going to unilaterally terminate the contract on a set date. Now say that just before the contract is due to terminate they have a change of heart and decide not terminate the contract.

It may well be that for the remainder of the contract term things have to remain as specified, but what happens when the contract is up for renewal? Are you going to view this company in exactly the same light, given that they mucked you about by unilaterally stating they were terminating the previous contract, then changing their minds, or are you going to view them in a different light in future?

I believe it is every bit as much mythology to believe that the EU will treat us in exactly the same way if we were to change our minds and decide to remain.
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