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I personally think the EU is playing a game of one upmanship in trying to force the issue of a second referendum or to get the UK to cave in and sign the agreement in the hope the problem would go away, the problem goes back to the disastrous election she called which was hers to lose, which she managed to do royally against all reasonable odds resulting in her strength in parliament dissappearing and putting her in a position of not realistically being abe to dictate to parliament the terms from a position of strength.
Personally i think she is the wrong person for the job of negotiating and lacks the backbone to stand up to the EU, It needed a ultimatum, an either you come back to the table over this or your 30 plus billion is history and we will go for the hard brexit, and then to walk away and leave them to fester. Trouble is she has no support anymore, and they know it now. Her legacy if she ever has one will not read well for future generations, rather like Chamberline and his letter.

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