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Originally Posted by VP959 View Post
I'm not at all convinced that "remain is based on fact" at all.

Sure, we know all about our relationship with the EU before we handed in the Article 50 notification to leave, and there is the recent CJEU ruling giving a legal interpretation of the consequences of the UK unilaterally revoking that notification and deciding to remain, as defined in the Treaty of Lisbon. However, our relationship with the rest of the EU if we were to do this would change. I'm in no doubt whatsoever that, one way or another, the EU will extract its pound of flesh from the UK for having the audacity to try and leave. Our relationship with the EU has now fundamentally changed, no matter whether we leave or remain, and that change is unlikely to be beneficial to the UK. At the very least we will be in a far worse negotiating position if we were to choose to remain at this late stage, simply because we will have lost credibility with the remainder of the EU member states.

What possible reasons do the EU have for just accepting us back with no future penalties? I can think of none at all, and remain convinced that if we did choose to remain we'd find that we would suffer some form of short to medium term negative impact. Whether that is greater or less than the impact of leaving I have no idea, and I doubt anyone else has, either, as we're dealing with the impact of speculation, in the main.
You pushed this viewpoint once before this week. I asked you to back it up with evidence, in light of the CJEU ruling on article 50. You either missed that or quietly declined to do so, so I ask again, can you show me the evidence behind it?
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