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Originally Posted by Paperplanes89 View Post
Does anyone know if BALPA/BA are still working on tweaking the JSS seniority gradient? Looking at January rosters it would seem fair to say you will literally -no exaggeration to say- never see a weekend off work for years beyond your few (6?) golden days for the junior folk...quite alarming for potential new joiners...
Dunno...Iíve heard so many stories about stuffed up rosters and good rosters from both senior and junior grumblers, So maybe a lot ATM is down to finger trouble and a lack of familiarity with the system (TBF the company interface is pants). I think it will be Easter until we see how it is really going to work. That said when I was a junior grumbler (RHS and LHS) I do recall weekends off being in short supply, both on Blindlines and Triplines. I think my record run of working weekends as a junior TLH (in the LHS) was 6 months without a weekend off other than during leave.

I suspect JSS made some a bit overly optimistic about what it would deliver.
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