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Thats full time, a bit of seniority but by no means senior. Out of interest I compared the Jan rosters under JSS with the Jan rosters from this year, both are busy but I didnít see a big difference, of course the folk may not have got their bid group 1 and would have been on blind lines in Jan so itís hard to say how happy they are.

i have acknowledged that BA has its issues and I most definitely have some problems with the way it is going and have some ďred linesĒ that I am unwilling to accept but I am not going to allow it to dictate my outlook on life.

in the military when we deployed we had 3 types of people:

those who were very happy to be where they are and doing what they were doing (a small minority)
those who accepted the situation. Did their best and tried to have a positive outlook on life but were willing to speak up when things were a little awry.
And those who did nothing but moan (despite being volunteers) they made themselves miserable, made those around them miserable and had a difficult time of it.

life is too short to allow BA to grind me down, I donít take it home and think a little positivity in life goes a long way.
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