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Originally Posted by Icanseeclearly View Post

you will never know unless you join.

I read this thread every now and again and notice the same old names complaining about the same old things, does BA have issues, yes of course it does, but do I recognise the company that portrayed on here, no. nowhere is perfect (even Virgin guys and girls are talking strike action). What percentage of BA pilots leave for pastures new, probably more than a few years back but is that as much a sign of the way society is rather than the way the company is going?

There are 4300 pilots at BA only a dozen or so post on here complaining, thatís not saying the issues they are raising arenít real and arenít a concern but possibly they are being overly pessimistic. I truly believe that you could give pilots a new car to drive to a lap dancing bar for free dances and free beer and we would moan and want a BMW not a merc, lager not bitter and a blonde not a brunette.

Try and get a balanced view of the company rather than believe everything you read on here.

Before the usual suspects have a pop, I acknowledge the issues you raise and acknowledge the plethora of problems at BA it is far far from perfect but then is anywhere, a little positivity goes a long way in relieving stress.

VinRouge. With regards JSS I got my bid group 1, 15 days at work, 16 off with the trips I wanted (320). Donít know if Iím lucky or not but happy with Jan, we will see what the rest of the year brings.....

Some good points raised there. And your post gave me something to think on.

Youíre right itís easy to go down the rabbit hole. I try and sit in the middle, but guilty of failing. I do try to keep balanced. Itís a yoyo as we all have limits.

I do think sitting back in acceptance isnít the way (not for one minute inferring you yourself were saying that), and am very interested in what the union are doing. But thatís because I witnessed a more further down the line version of whatís happening here at a previous and know it can bite in the bum if you sleepwalk into it. So I suppose that can make one a little more jumpy than perhaps one needs be. Who knows.

At work Iím very positive myself. I think a lot of folk are. So itís hard to gauge what folk really ruminate on about their working life in their personal time or what they really think.

So youíre right. Itís important to keep perspective. Yes things need to be done. But itís far from a bad choice to work at. Itís more spotting the trend to stop it becoming a bad place.

If something was really bad and behind help (like a personal relationship to strike an analogy) then perhaps thereíd be disinterest. Itís actually a good thing that people do care and are slightly animated. It points to that the place is actually, or was very good and they donít want to see it go downhill I suppose. One way of looking at it I guess.

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