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Originally Posted by dirk85 View Post
I was going to say, the t&c already were far from attractive already, but after reading of how fatigue is handled in BA compared to my current employer... well, I see no point in applying at all.
Hi Dirk.

Just for me to be balanced. I didn’t personally have a very positive experience with the “F” word. But as I mentioned that really could be just my experience with the person I spoke to. People being people and all. As I mentioned there’s some folk on here who’ve equally had good experiences with it. I don’t think anyone is making the leap to say the system is definitely handled “badly”. That would be a bit of a sweeping statement and very hard to say unless Balpa took a straw poll. They probably have an opinion as they take an interest in that sort of thing.

I have to be adult about it - I mentioned Easyjet. I bet there’s the odd person at Ej who didn’t have a good experience too.

As I mentioned there’s many very good sides to BA. It still can be a fasntastic place to work. Like anything that’s in flux the negatives can get a bit “polarising”. I do have to remind myself to keep perspective. A post above raised a good point about that.

its natural as it stems from frustration that a good thing is being eroded. Does it happen elsewhere? Yep. But doesn’t mean naturally we should watch it sail by. But equally, keep perspective about applying. It’s far from a sweatshop and still a fasnastic employer. Just things are a changing. Up to you naturally to judge it you want to risk the change and how that fits with your circumstances or wishlist.

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