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Originally Posted by Karan14 View Post
Hi everyone,

I applied on 5th November and positive answer on 7th December.Very friendly interview and had the same questions as posted here.

-Why did you choose your flight school?
-What would you do if you lose your medical ?

-Why swept wings?
-Which hight lift devices we have on the wing?
-Why do we prefer root stall instead of tip stall?
-how many seats on the 737-800?

In the sim I had climbing turns and descending turns, acceleration to 250kts,radar vectors to ILS 27 in Liverpool,and fire in the toilet 4 nm before FAP.
Got the positive answer on the 4th day, anyone on the intro week on 24th march in EMA and tr on 25th April in AMS?
Hi, I have the TR on the same date. I sent you a private message.
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