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Originally Posted by compressor stall View Post

Maybe Bendalot, but look at a photo of a king air front on. Tell me with wheels out, what AoB would be have to be to touch the prop on one side - and not damage the wingtip - AND also then repeat on the other? Geometrically is it even possible (although I am not sure what diameter prop this has).

Either way, poor bugger. Hope s/he's doing OK tonight. Do you still get a gig with QF these days once you've done a wheels up?

That mate is a prop strike.

Wing tip strike?? that is why my first comment was about flaps.

The stub wing (till nacelles) on a king air is pretty flat - then the wing gets higher from the ground as it goes out/bd - so the lowest point of wing is in/db flaps if extended - then the engine nacelles - wing tips a few feet higher than that.

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