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This is pretty anodyne I think, a letter to reassure the public that Britain's ports would not grind to a halt were the country to leave the EU on the fly honourable terms that the EU have left for it to do,

SIR – The impact of Brexit at Dover would not be common to the UK ports sector as a whole.

I write on behalf of the United Kingdom’s major port operators, responsible for handling 75 per cent of the country’s seaborne trade.

Dover, handling around 6 per cent of UK port volumes, faces a unique combination of Brexit risk factors that are not faced by most major UK ports.

These ports already have the capacity and infrastructure to handle large volumes of both EU and non-EU trade today without “logjam”.

The UK’s port sector is resilient, adaptable and highly competitive. We will work through the challenges of Brexit as we have with huge changes through the centuries. Our island nation has always been dependent on sea trade and the ports that enable it.

UK Major Ports Group members invest more than half a billion pounds of private-sector funds a year in the UK. They are ambitious to do more, whatever the eventual Brexit outcome. Making the planning system for ports more helpful to investment is key to unlocking their potential.

Tim Morris
Chief Executive Officer
United Kingdom Major Ports Group
London SE1
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