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500e: Just asking that question-the point of which would be the possibility of low auto Nr. That would have had to be a pretty big rigging error, based on the witness statements and impact. Probably not a factor, but the rigging does need to be checked.
Hughes500: My question was not about the autorotational technique, but related to why the run on was unsuccessful and was based on my understanding from the report that a power on run-on had been attempted. Now assuming that the power was fixed, it was obviously sufficient for level flight at some speed. The report says nothing about what that power was, but, as long as it was less than hover power, and selecting a long strip, it should have been rather easy to fly it in low, and gradually reduce speed ( flying up the back side of the power required curve in fact ) and eventually you’ll be running it on, at which time you can kill the engine. My curiosity was why that didn’t work when it was tried. Perhaps it was that in fact the power level at which engine control was lost was very high, in which case the auto was the only alternative.

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