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Originally Posted by Sprogget View Post
The leave spend is an absolute crime scene, any other conclusion is frankly so tone deaf it makes Justin Bieber seem like Pavarotti.

And who did that exactly? No one I can recall. What I do remember is Nige stoking the fires with his Nazi themed billboard the day of Jo Cox's murder, dire warnings of millions of Turks coming in due to the 'imminent' accession of Turkey, which of course was another big fat lie & Africans massing at the doors of the NHS for HIV treatment, if we're doing capitalising on dog whistle themes.
It was all over social media at the time. Remember we are told that a few dollars of spend by the Russians were to blame for brexit so we must therefore accept that social media is exceptionally powerful. Genuine and reasoned debate was shut down online and am evil sentiment was created. That one being if you’re pro leave you’re no different from the toxic hate that killed Jo Cox.

Hariett Harman also quite rightly did that we should unite against the hate that killed Jo. Absolutely right. However the fact that she chose to do that at a pro remain rally was pretty low.

Then there was the Call me Dave incident David Cameron ‘used Jo Cox’s death’ to campaign for Remain Read more:

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