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I agree with most of the stuff posted already, you need an intermediate aeroplane before moving to a PA46. The workload increases significantly in a high performance complex type. A good comprimise would be a Cessna 206. It's a much better load lifter than most six place aeroplanes. It is fixed gear so maintenance will be a bit cheaper. The problem with most six place aeroplanes is that they are really only four place aeroplanes by the time you have some baggage and plenty of fuel. Be prepared to spend a bit of time with an instructor getting checked out on type and you may find your insurance company specifies a minimum amount of dual time on type before you can fly it by yourself.
Always have an experienced engineer who knows the type to do a pre-purchase survey before you commit to buy. You don't want an aeroplane that has spent most of it's life as a parachute drop machine.
Best of luck with your search and try and fly as many of the types on your list with their owners. Most owners will take you flying in their pride and joy for a contribution to the cost of the fuel and a bacon sandwich.
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