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Originally Posted by BitMoreRightRudder View Post
There will be DEP offers onto the A350 next year for example - not many opportunities like that exist for UK based pilots.
Which is absolutely disgusting in my opinion. The company are seriously trying to tell us thereís not enough internal bidders? I know thereís a lot of people still frozen but a lot of those guys have done four years slogging it out on Short Haul maybe it might be the right time to reward them for that? No itís time to slap them in the face yet again with more Long Haul DEP. Letís face it virtually nobody joins this company because they want to do Short Haul, itís the big selling point of BA and why the vast majority of us are here.

Iím sorry but the ďMaster Seniority List is the most important thing, youíll slot in ahead of them when you moveĒ argument just doesnít wash any more. When exactly are we going to get to move? I wanted to do Long Haul whilst I was relatively young. That sure ainít gonna happen any more.

Every Long Haul DEP (and thereís going to be a load of them this year by all accounts) removes a LH position that would have been available in one or two years. When guys ahead of us on the P2 Airbus status list canít move across to Long Haul we stagnate behind them and canít benefit from better rosters/bidding power etc. Long Haul DEP disadvantages everyone on the Airbus and I for one (and Iím not the only one by any stretch) resent it massively.
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