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Originally Posted by sfm818 View Post

This point was covered in the Grauniad recently. It references the 1979 devolution referendum in Scotland. In that particular case a late ammendment to introduce a 40% threshold made all the difference.


In the 2016 model however, it is not so much the narrowness of the margin which made the difference, but reported financial irregularities behind the leave campaign.

On that basis the EU referendum result is unsafe and should be declared void.
They overspent by a small amount and did so whilst acting on the advice of the overwhelmingly pro remain led Electoral Commission. Total leave spend was significantly less than remain and leave didn't benefit from the 9m government pro remain leaflet.

Remain also benefited from the status quo effect and benefited from the sick animals who used Jo Cox's slaughter to encourage anti brexit and anti brexiteer sentiment. Remain also had the BBC, literally every entertainer in the UK, social media bias, the EU themselves and Obama working in their favour.

Remain still lost by well over a million votes but we are to believe it was because of an estimated 4% overspend by the leave campaign?

It will be interesting if the second referendum designed to reverse the result of the first one (the so called People's Vote) is 50%+1 vote. I bet you then that 50%+1 will be acceptable as a mandate to remain and silence the issue for generations to come. Requiring 60/70% results before acting on a referendum is simply a way of engineering the result to ensure that the result goes a particular way

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