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Mentioned everywhere I get the chance. Matthew Walker's Why We Sleep. If you think it sounds boring, think again. It's like reading a thriller. Some of the statistics are downright scary.

Zolpidem/Ambien. Very convenient and powerful sleeper. Never, ever, use the CR, (Controlled release) version. It's a killer.

If you think you can do with little sleep, think again. The research spans decades and is from top universities. Poo-poo it at your peril.

Things you never think of. Being tired on the road is much more dangerous than being under the influence. The statistics on this one are jaw-dropping. Drunk, you make slow decisions. During micro-sleeps, you don't make them at all.

Brain chemistry, healing, and general wellbeing. 7 to 9 hours. Just think, we had a PM that boasted 4 hours a night - and she had her finger on the big red button.
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