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Back to the ingenuity of African guys:

A few years back I spent some time in Malawi. My hostess had just brought over a shipping container of supplies, in which was a Maytag-type combination washer-dryer. But of course it did not run there, not the least because it was a 120v machine in a 220v country. "No problem", she says, "the guys will get it running". It had electronic controls rather than the mechanical dials, and obviously that circuitry was wonkers.

No way, sez I, that an African guy will be able to get that circuit board up and the machine transitioned to 220v. In fact I made a $10 bet to that effect and agreed on a 14 day time. Guy had that thing all in bits in the dirt, as the whole machine thing was new to him, soldering this to that, and occasionally going to the "market" to get something. Day 14, I go to collect my bet, and he plugs it in, fills it with water out of a bucket (no running water in the yard!) and runs the load of laundry with the electronics working fine.

This from a guy who didn't grasp the concept of a flush toilet.
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