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Originally Posted by Sam Rutherford View Post

Given your post, you do realise this forum is for private flying?
Sorry mate, Although I don't fly nowadays I have quite a few hundred hours under my belt but always GA.
Like most others, I took my family members up for a flight as soon as I passed my PPL but looking back this was a silly thing to do. During my time there were many "phew" moments. I remember taking off once from La Rochelle in a PA32 (might have been a PA28) with a full tank four on board and all our holiday luggage, hot day etc. - density altitude? but didn't do it again!
Let the pro's fly your family until you are well experienced and certainly with an instrument rating.
But he does seem like a sensible fellow so I am sure he will read into the comments here.

I must add that although I have owned quite a few aircraft and flown many types, I actually did have most flying fun in my xAir Falcon microlight.
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