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Originally Posted by Gipsy Queen View Post
Well, the one identifying feature characterising the thoroughly inept prosecution of this whole wretched process is the destruction of our long-held concepts of an established, representative democracy. In this we blindly have followed France, The Netherlands, Ireland, all of whom have allowed themselves to be bullied by their respective establishments and the EU into rejecting a legitimate referendum-derived decision and again voting until the required conclusion arrives. From this one has to suppose that we do "need the consent of a minority". It is a very sad, shameful diminution and humiliation of a once proud country.

Those of the quisling Remain persuasion thinking themselves morally and intellectually superior to those holding an opposing view would do well to read The Strange Death of Europe by Douglas Murray. Indeed, it should be required reading of everyone.
The key point you conveniently overlook in this wordy diatribe is the government held an advisory referendum which they chose to treat as binding when they were under no obligation to do so. I'm sad you can't grasp the fundamental tenet that Parliament is sovereign in a representative democracy but here we are. Again. Still on the bright side, most leavers I talk to banged on about the sovereignty of Parliament during the referendum. Now it's exercising that sovereignty in the light of clear & unambiguous information, you don't seem so keen suddenly. Funny old world.
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