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Originally Posted by Nomad2 View Post
On point two, Well it's really a difficult one, but unusually, neither of the contiguous states wishes a hard border..

Can you see Eire enforcing it? Or NI?
Most of us gave writing to Santa years ago...

You can wish for no border until the cows come home, it makes no difference to anyone. If the UK leaves without a deal, the NI border becomes the end of EU territory, end of discussion. Eire may not wish to erect a border, the UK may concur nonetheless, the EU will not allow unfettered access in & out of the single market & customs union without regulatory, customs & phytosanitary checks. If either nation demurs, there will be a court case & Eire will lose & will erect a border or face severe sanctions from the EU which politically they won't risk.

The border is a reality & it is self inflicted by May's own red lines. It has nothing to do with being held hostage by a few terrorists, as I read above here, that is yet another flowering load of old rubbish put about by the unicorn brigade. Call me emotive if you like, I can only eat what's in front of me & one after another queues up to demonstrate they'd be out of their depth in a puddle when it comes to grasping the nettle of EU matters.
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