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Originally Posted by Washeduprotorgypsy View Post

So we need an electric motor based on the best of industrially vetted technology to operate consistently at 200 hp to mirror our max continuous hover missions for SAR or aerial work. Doing a little window shopping I came up with this https://www.ziehl-abegg.com/us/en/pr...maxvent-owlet/. (Pg.44 of 66)

A drop in fenestron. Good looking, scimitar-scalloped blades , meets all the euro engineering approvals. 1.4 m diam. Bout right for the back end of a aw169. Power to weight for continuous duty? 50 hp at the svelte weight of 637 kg. Ahh but all that steel fat to be trimmed. Shes's gonna need some beefing up in the motor (4x 50) I think it's a fair trade off to add all that extra copper and substitute steel for aerospace material and call it even ~650 kg....she 'll taxi like a freight train because thats all She'll ever do.
If the Tesla motor I referenced was built like that industrial fan you pulled up, then the Tesla S car would be about the size and shape of the freight train you are imagining. Instead that Tesla motor, scaled to your stated needs of 150hp was "(say) 70lbs for (a 150hp generator + a 150hp motor)" based on "Tesla Model S motor weight is 70 lbs for 362 hp". You appear to now be moving the goalposts out to 200hp. Fair enough, I can do that sum.

But so that the design goal does not move around, what is the weight of the power takeoff & shafting & control & gearboxes for the tail rotor on the AW169 ? And how long do you expect to sit in the hover for at that power ?
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