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Originally Posted by Pontius Navigator View Post
I see, as I said a couple of days ago, that the EU now says the 29th March can be kicked down the road to allow more time. Why are the EU now being so accommodating? What's in it for them?

I know we have talked much about who needs who more, now it looks as if the message has got through.
The can can only be kicked down the road in the event of a significant development such as a general election or referendum, they aren't going to allow us to drag things out indefinitely, and they certainly aren't going to allow a root and branch renegotiation of the agreement made last month. Corbyn and other deluded MPs had better get used to that Some tweaking around the edges, possibly the addition of an addendum to help accommodate rebellious MPs I suppose may be an option.

The EU want a no deal crash out as little as most sensible people in the UK want it, but I don't think they are desperate. Take a look at the ARD (Tagesschau) website just now, if you want to see how bothered the Germans are about Brexit. And they are generally much better at covering foreign, especially European news than their British counterparts.
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