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Originally Posted by paulc View Post
The people who have been having the hissy fit and throwing insults are usually remainers who think that those who voted to leave are elderly, uneducated and should be culled. Do remainers really like the direction in which the eu is going, more powers removed from nation states, more immigration, more central control by an organisation who top posts are appointed rather than elected, who accounts are unaudited for many years.
I want to be gentle with you Paul. The content & tone of your post suggests you are fully committed to a bit of Euro hate. I don't think you're right to hold such a view at least not on the evidence you've cited. However, I do think & I'm happy as ever to be corrected, that you've probably had your mind poisoned by forty years of anti EU right wing press drip feeding a diet of lies, half truths & pettyfogging miasma into your brain. There's no shame in being conned, especially when it's a bunch of well spoken, plausible ex. public schoolboys doing it. However, here's the evidence to the contrary:

On the subject of the accounts: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politi...endum-36276175 Note this is a year out of date - they were signed off in 2017 as well.

On the unelected bureaucrats thing too: http://blogs.lse.ac.uk/europpblog/20...d-bureaucrats/

As ever, a headline in 40pt bold in the Mail or wherever is much easier to take in than some reasoned, dry examination of the facts but such is the world we live in. It's just a pity these arguments were hijacked for decades prior to the referendum.
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