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Originally Posted by wiggy View Post
“No deal” is as it stands today is a “no deal” with pretty much anybody anywhere in the world on most anything on 30th March. It will mean an absolute s storm for an indeterminate period for many people trying to run a business that has any interaction with anybody outside the U.K.

Of course if you have no interest in doing anything “cross border” in the days following Brexit, or believe that hammering out trade deals is dead easy, or have already made arrangements such as already “offshoring” parts of your business affairs and financial assets to parts of the EU so that they continue to enjoy the advantages of the EU post Brexit I guess you can afford to be pretty relaxed about the whole thing.
Therein lies the problem, many of the most ardent Brexiteers either have no investment whatsoever in anything outside the UK (no passport, no foreign travel, no work that involved international interaction, no work at all - either pensioners, allegedly long term sick, or bone idle. The last 3 categories will be baled out by the state whatever.

Watching part of Theresa May's interview on BBC R4 Today programme on the News Channel this morning, I detect a beginnings of a sleight of hand over the back stop, where it becomes fudged into the transition (implementation) period, the extension of which could involve parliament in the decision. Can't really see how that would sit with the EU, nor with Brexiteers, who know full well that until the next general election there is an inbuilt majority in the Commons for remain - the government is clearly clutching at straws. i also noted that in the interview she didn't say an outright "no" to a referendum, she said it wasn't desirable. She didn't even (in the excerpt I saw), use that grating phrase "the will of the people".

Shifting sands?
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