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Forget your medical for the time being, it is the least of your worries, concentrate on staying alive, on beating cancer. You are in for some tough times ahead, some ups and some downs.

​​​​​​You mention making a wrong move! Staying alive is all that matters, let the doctors do their job, they knows what they are doing. Don't let worrying about your medical prevent them doing their job in the way that will give you the best outcome regarding survival. Stay alive, then worry about your class one.

Believe that you will recover, believe that you will fly again but leave worrying about your class one till you have won your battles with cancer.

​​​​​​Who am I to talk.

Diagnosed with Accute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on 4th June, 95 nights in hospital on and off since then Bone Marrow transplant 35 days ago today, nearly died 4 weeks ago this Friday from post transplant sepsis and uncontrollable low blood pressure, thought the recovery was going well but now have graft versus host disease in which my donor cells are attacking my organs, in my case my skin.

Cancer, a trip that makes any roler coster seem like a smooth ride.

Best of luck, if the doctors say you will recover then crack on with recovering...

If I don't get my class one back then WTF am I going to do, who knows?

Kind regards

Russ Butler

Former B757 SFO until my medical was suspended.

Just out of interest were you a smoker?

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