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Anybody who has read World War Z, (movie was crud) will see in a post apolyptic world, people needed were those who had basic manual skills to fix and repair stuff. In US it was blue collar, mostly immigrants who knew how stuff was made and repaired. The ones with little useful skill were the Lawyers, Accountants, Manager etc etc who really had little to offer..

Got littlie to read the book, as he is a voracious reader of books, one great trait happy to pass down. I keep telling him to learn basic skills because a time will come when they may be needed. Even if they are never needed he will have the basic skill rather than a constant idea to always buy something new.

More of a bodger than DIYer but helped rewire here, redec it, paint it etc. Plan is to acquire a place in rural France than is a fixer upper, then get littlie to join me in doing it up. Not worried if takes a long time, this is a project for fun and learning.
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