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Originally Posted by Sallyann1234 View Post
I dread a Labour government as much as anyone, particularly if Corbyn was still in power. But I'd rather the nose dive of Labour in the EU than the crash of a hard brexit under Re-Smogg
Wow, so a nose dive under Labour with the EU would be worse than leaving the EU under WTO rules.

I suppose you think the EU will bale out the UK when it's economy is decimated by Labour who would have three years before you could get them out and then whoever took over would have a mountain to climb to try and recover from that disaster, which would take far longer to recover from than leaving under WTO rules would, and that is assuming there would actually be an actual economic disaster from that outcome.

It is na´ve beyond belief that if the referendum was ignored and Art 50 was revoked, or another referendum gave remain a small margin victory, that the EU would not take some form of delight in milking the UK for everything they can get away with to punish us for trying, we would end up a bigger laughing stock than people claim we are now, and no country would take us seriously with any deals, any wonder the EU is happy with 'The Deal' as they get to cherry pick the best of the UK without us being able to do anything about it, and still pay for the privilege.
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