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I just come to a conclusion about these numbers below.

2017 Feb groups have experienced delays of around 4/5 months.
- 2017 June group has experienced delays of about 6/7 months (are people in that class who finished VFR in June 2018 now have been told their IFR will be January 2019).
- 2017 September group has delays again of 6 months minimum (likely to increase because the current progress of IFR students ahead of them in Spain is very slow).
- 2017 October group has delays of about 7/8 months (People in this class finished VFR in September and latest news is they will not go to Spain at all, but start IFR in March/April back in Lithuania)

Looking from financial side of the window;

Considering the delay of 6 months ATPL integrated can be completed in any other training organization in around 16-18 months. Most of the students choose BAA because hoping to receive OK-ish training at reasonable price and plus airline partners (where I want to mention one more time expect Wizzair, rest of the airline partners are just make no sense to choose BAA) . However, if one finished training 6 months earlier, during this 6 months roughly inexperienced pilot can earn around 3k net. In addition, life expenses in that wasted time lets say on average 800 Euros in Lithuania -if you live somewhere this could of course get higher-. Therefore (6*3000) + (6*800) = 22.800 Euros. In my opinion this is the money students lost due to delays and all these happenings. Simply adding onto training cost; 72K +23K= 95K anyone considering to choose BAA should think about these numbers and make decision accordingly. Close to that amount you can even have training including accommodation and 3 course meal provided in some schools.

At the end of the day, simple student' training total cost, including all the life expenses will be as much as top notch schools such as CAE, L3 or FTE. BAA is just a random school. Without Wizzair partnership they wouldn't enroll more than 30-35 independent students per year.

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