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Originally Posted by BAATraining View Post
To all BAA Training current and future pilots,

Reacting to the current situation at our Ab Initio school, we apologize for inconveniences that we have caused you.

With the growing student number at our Ab Initio school, we have added 4 additional aircraft to our fleet and a flight base in Spain in order to extend our training capabilities. Nevertheless the number of force majeure situations that appeared during few past months left us with struggles to replan flight training schedule accordingly. We acknowledge facing longer delays of flight training than initially planned for approximately 14% of our current students.

Understanding the seriousness of the issue we have done a set of steps in order to change the situation and get back to the normal flight training schedule.

We are:
  • undergoing the selection processes for multi-engine and single-engine IRF and VFR instructors to join our team in December, January and February
  • closing a purchase process for an additional Cessna 172 to join our fleet as we speak
  • negotiating the purchase for one more Cessna 172 to be added in spring
  • ready to transfer Tecnam 2006: as soon as the weather will allow the aircraft will depart from Vilnius to Lleida
The whole BAA Training Ab Initio team is putting their utmost priority and daily efforts not only to make changes but also communicate openly with our students through this process.

When we did our assessment in your academy in 2016/2017, you told us BAA was investing so much in new facilities to achieve its goal to become one of the best schools in the world. Our first encounter with this being a lie was in ground school when you didn't even have enough classrooms for everybody. You had to double utilise the class per day to fit 2 classes, one from 7am - 2pm and second slot students were 3pm to 10pm. This is proper learning environment for you is it? Even instructors complained to you about that. You are increasing student intake by 500% but not one person said ... "do we have enough classrooms?", ridiculous.

Then came the flying. VFR in Lithuania was total disaster. There were many days in which absolutely 0 aircraft were available to fly. Students in one flying bases were going to the airport anyway hoping somehow something would happen. Then one day an aircraft arrived and everyone jumped, it was like somebody took some food to the starving children of Africa (they wage a psychological warfare against the students to show they have 100% control of your life, they will play with you to the max and you will lose all self respect, you want to fly? ok well we will take 72000eu from you and you will not fly). There were days students did not even have 1 aircraft available to fly. Anyone want to join in this academy, ask yourself if you are happy to pay 72,000eu to put yourself in such situation.

Yes, we really saw your huge investment and planning you spoke so greatly about in assessment. What a LIE that was.

FNPTII - You have ONE. It is constantly broken and very old, it is of terrible quality. It stops in the middle of using it, ruining so many lessons. You put yourself in your rankings as 2nd best school in Europe but refused to even invest in one other FNPT!! Egnatia academy in Greece, a school who are only children in your eyes bought 6!!! Where does that leave your sorry academy?

The current waiting times for FNPT are 3-4 months. Yes people you read correctly, after finishing VFR you will sit for 3-4 months doing nothing while the ladies in the office mess you around sending you potential dates that are always false in the end. Bought tickets to return for the original date? Too bad. Then you will get a call on a random Monday that you start FNPT on Wednesday, can't make it? oh dear ... another month waiting for you. Again see what I said about the psychological warfare.

With the growing student number at our Ab Initio school, we have added 4 additional aircraft to our fleet and a flight base in Spain in order to extend our training capabilities
You say this and you actually believe that it is something good. 4 aircraft!?!? Are you joking? What is this. Anyway, 2 of these 4 aircraft are VFR p2002s (there are 5 p2002s sitting in Lithuania doing nothing, so these 2 new p2002s you speak of actually mean nothing right now). Regarding IFR, you only bought 2 C172s to add to the fleet of 2 (1 of which is permanently in maintenance with serious issues, if scheduled to fly this aircraft pray to God you survive the flight)

Understanding the seriousness of the issue we have done a set of steps
You understand nothing if from now 1 extra C172 is your solution to this issue. You got hundreds and hundreds of students and your "massive expansion plan" was 2 new C172 aircraft in autumn, now 1 more? You really are not serious. The clowns running the circus with no flying knowledge could have told you this plan was a joke.It doesn't enter the brain how anyone thought this would actually be enough.

Warning for anyone looking to join. For sure BAA is telling to you this is just small period of delays and they are working very fast to fix it. Do not be under a illusion that this is just a brief period of delays that will clear. IT IS NOT. Everything is getting worse. The delays are increasing. They have been since spring 2017.


- 2017 Feb groups have experienced delays of around 4/5 months.
- 2017 June group has experienced delays of about 6/7 months (are people in that class who finished VFR in June 2018 now have been told their IFR will be January 2019).
- 2017 September group has delays again of 6 months minimum (likely to increase because the current progress of IFR students ahead of them in Spain is very slow).
- 2017 October group has delays of about 7/8 months (People in this class finished VFR in September and latest news is they will not go to Spain at all, but start IFR in March/April back in Lithuania)

Should be enough to see the pattern.They have taken many more classes this year and are already planning many more classes next year.

The backlog increases exponentially because the students are continually increasing and waiting list increasing, but the number of aircraft stays the same (which was nowhere near enough even for the original people flying IFR, but now actually this same number of aircraft is to be used for so many more students). Oh sorry, they are bringing 1 new aircraft and another 1 in spring next year

Now look at the mess with 4 C172s and also consider they only having 1 active multi engine right now with another (that literally spends more time in maintenance than flying) going sometime in 2019 to Spain. Hundreds of students queuing to fly 2 P2006s ... can't wait

So yes again, we see very clearly how you truly understand the mess you have put everyone in. Your brutality in how you made 35 people move to spain, spend 1 month, then sent 80% of them all home again without so much as having the descency to pay the 1 month rent they lost or flights home shows very clearly what kind of a company you are. You are 100% responsible for the situation the students found themselves in and should be 100% responsible for the costs they had because of you (see again about the psychological warfare).

They even lied to them about it being worth it because when they return they'll have 3 flights a week. Even the students who stayed were flying about once a week and now those students sent home are starting returning they also only fly about once a week, twice if lucky. The lies and broken promises do not end anywhere, sorry BAA but it is too much at this point.

Anyone wanna know what BAA offered for all that? 3 hrs in their dying 320 sim !! They are not from this world, they go by a different code of behaviour.

It's true about the ladys in the office, when you go into there it's like you going into the creche. So unprofessional and full of unqualified and inexperienced people. Everyone is chief or manager responsible for everything, until something happens and then no one is responsible for anything.

If things carrying on like they are now, this place will collapse one day under all of current pressure. Guaranteed. I just feel sorry for the students who will be in the school at the time.

If we were flying we would not have these problems and no one would have time to write here. This problem you made yourself.

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