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3D printing as a new development is actually rather boring.

Nothing beats a session of metal fabrication which involves pounding, folding, grinding, drilling, reaming, joining, filing, polishing, etc - what fun - except when my killjoy nut job neighbour urinates besides my garage which cuts short the fun short - but I'm ready for that having already factored it into the planning. Same goes with woodwork.

The things I have made in a garage environment are just too numerous to count, all of them custom jobs for a one-off purpose, many of them over-engineered, many of them relatively cheap (if not factoring in my time), and many of them still doing what they were meant to do after so many years if not decades.

I once tried making a list of all the major DIY tasks I've done but kept finding things I'd long forgotten about so gave up.

Long live the shed/garage.
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