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I don't own this space under my name. I should have leased it while I still could
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Cattletruck, what comes first today, house or cave? Pretty obviously reallt given lack of caves.

When we downsized I had a tool cull but insisted a large garage was nonnegotiable. Took ages getting all the packing boxes cleared away. All MY stuff was buried as Mrs PN would 'just put this in the garage'. Finally .when there was room to move I bought a load of racking and was finally able to find tools make a work bench etc.

The next problem was where to site the shed. I had had 3 and a spare garage. This garden doesn't have a discrete area, it is large but nothing where you could put up a shed as there is no 'side' it is all 'show' so Mrs PN insisted on pretty.

Found a barn style not far from here. Levelled the ground, bought the shed, too my time and roofed in a couple of days. Took about a week to paint and tittyvate, adding shelves and racks.

So the answer is obvious. You need a B&D Workmate, mine is blue, 50 years old. I have a companion Wallmate and of course its baby Walkmate (Jobber).
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