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My lovely old Progress No.1 was about the best thing I ever bought. I wish I'd kept that and let the wife go. You can even get solid state speed controls for them now. The drills, not the wife. (You have to use a 3 phase motor even when driven by single phase) They ever run backwards. The Hitachi drill press I got in the US was made in China. Not too bad, but had to make a keeper-downer device (by using the torque grove bolt.) Nothing compared to the Progress.

Dremel machines. Old ones are best. Real Bakelite. A MUST is getting a foot pedal for same. Buy an old sewing machine just for the pedal.

Parting with stuff. I finally got my old workbench back from a pal with a shed. About 15 years in there. Nice clutch wood-vice. Used to be I could take the top off and carry it up a ladder. Now I could barely move it. Four more years and I gave it to a young lady who's mum had asked on the local forum for tools. The lass was working restoring boats. Once in the giving mode, their van left with most of the stuff I'd got in the UK. I've still got a lot of stuff in Texas, but I imagine that's where it will stay. My plane was my mom's as were a couple of the chisels I gave the girl back here. Given up on prices in the UK for do-uppers. My borrowed bungalow was over 200 grand as was, and it needed masses of stuff done. It was bought by a developer and is renting at 1000 a month - for a semi. I bridged a loan for a pal for one two doors down. 9 grand brand new. 1970. If only I'd had a crystal ball.

I took stuff to Texas over a long period of not needing my suitcases. Odd thing about security. I took all kinds of tools that must have looked very odd during screening. My wife's case was picked out for a check with now't but frocks and things in it. Then came the reduction of cases for ordinary mortals. Never did use my one time repatriation thing due to being preoccupied with life's little issues. Heck, just remembered, my best AVO 8 is still there, and my Aristo flying computer. Oh, and my best slide-rule. I just don't know how folk exist without one of those.
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