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Originally Posted by Fraser19 View Post
Hi there
I recently had my stage 3 assessment day for Esayjet's MPL at CAE Oxford. Unfortunately I was successful, not gonna lie I was pretty gutted.
Yeah... EasyJet is a horrible place to be...

But seriously tho...
What should I be looking to do to prepare better for next time?
As already mentioned, seriously consider some of the prep courses on offer... I messed up my first "proper" airline interview. Part of it was wanting it a bit too much (so that I could get out of the terrible situation I was in at the time)... and I just put too much pressure on myself. Some of it was just bad prep. The feedback I got on my assessment was that it was mainly the sim and the personal interview that had let me down. Everything else was fine.

Second time around... I spent some $$$ and did some sim sessions, I figured a few hundred dollars was insignificant compared to the thousands that I have invested in my aviation so far... Unfortunately, we don't really have this prep courses in my part of the world, so instead I used the feedback from the first experience... and picked the brains of friends and acquaintances who had been through the process and were working at the airline to get a feel for what they're really wanting to know/hear... cost me a few coffees and cafe lunches, but end result?

I finished Day 2 of Line Training yesterday

Also, did you ask for (or did they offer) any feedback regarding exactly what let you down? If you didn't get that feedback, it's really hard to know what you need to work on for next time... Like I said, I got some fairly brutal and honest feedback the first time around and that gave me some really good points to start from when prepping for the next one. So, if you didn't get any, I'd seriously consider contacting them to see if you can get some feedback.
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