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Originally Posted by ash666 View Post
People have been complaining for a long time at being charged to drop off passengers.
The airport's answer? Double the price.
Brilliant, NCL, why can't you just ever get it right?
Free parking remains available and at 2 it's less than many other UK airports. Ten minutes will cost you 50% more at Edinburgh or Leeds or double that at Manchester. Nobody forces anyone to park in the kiss and fly car parks. If people are happy to pay then that's their choice. The airport is a business.

If you don't like the service that the airport provides (or any business for that matter) then you're welcome to find an alternative. Given that you don't say a single positive thing about the place and always have something to whine about perhaps Teesside, Leeds, Manchester or Edinburgh would better serve your needs?

The airport has won several commendations for its service and popularity with customers over recent times and have invested in numerous improvements yet you always have something to whinge about.

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