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Originally Posted by Fraser19 View Post
Hi there

I recently had my stage 3 assessment day for Esayjet's MPL at CAE Oxford. Unfortunately I was successful, not gonna lie I was pretty gutted.

I'm half way through my masters and currently looking for airline programmes.

I recently found myself in a very fortunate position where I can fund pilot training however would only feel comfortable spending that money with an airline 'tagging' me and not doing the white-tail route.

Is there any rumours on other airlines opening up soon? What should I be looking to do to prepare better for next time?

Thanks Fraser
I was in exactly your position a few years ago. There are three things I would recommend:

1. Keep trying. It took me a few attempts, but I made it on to an airline programme. There will be other schemes opening.
2. Don't can your masters just to get on an airline scheme. Get the qualifications and if you can't immediately get on to the scheme you want, you can go and work in other industries why you still apply. I have an engineering degree, and having some work experience leading projects, managing budgets and being face to face with customers helped me no end at the interview stages.
3. Go and get some professional interview training, either a 1:1 course or a group course. I used AirlinePrep and they were absolutely brilliant, I've also heard good reviews about Flight Deck Wingman. They will conduct mock interviews and aptitude testing and really drill down into what you can improve.
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