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Originally Posted by AirportPlanner1 View Post
Although if BA used the remedy slots for MAN/ABZ/EDI etc, could they then use some of their own MAN/ABZ/EDI slots for those destinations?
The slots Flybe are using for ABZ, EDI and NQY were taken from IAG/BA by the competition authorities when IAG acquired BMI. I cannot see any way that those slots would be allowed to go back to BA again (or to another member of the IAG group) even if BA/IAG/Flybe said they were still going to be used on ABZ/EDI/NQY - at least not until other airlines had been given ample opportunity to pitch for them. Those slots were released to enable competition, and competition is usually not allowed to be stifled by a corporate takeover by one of the competing parties. At best, an IAG acquisition of Flybe is likely to be LHR slot-neutral for BA and IAG.
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