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Originally Posted by FloresM320 View Post
The training managers focus more on posting pictures and videos from the office on facebook and instagram instead of trying to solve problems which students have. This is mainly because people with 0 or close to 0 experience in aviation and organization are assigned to such positions. Best example is when a girl from the front desk got promoted to a training manager (a training manager of a flight school).... Such things happen only in BAA..... I mean maybe she is a nice person, but totally not for such position considering the fact that she doesn't know to say hello when you enter the office and starts laughing in your face as soon as you ask more than 1 question.
Those pretty chicks working at the administration are around 25 years-old, no experience, and as you said, spend much time to party in their office, take instagram stories, facebook posts. There is a pool at their floor, they can enjoy their working time, when you wait at home to fly...
The fastest way to contact is to chat with them on facebook. Sounds very professional...
There are many s*x stories between the administration girls and the students.
What kind of serious school does that?

Originally Posted by FloresM320 View Post
Question for the Dukster:
Could you please explain more what do you mean by " Wizzair also changed the conditions of employment during the training of their cadets… "?
Wizzair increased the bond from 3 to 4 years.
If you leave before, you have to pay 35.000€ minus what has been taken from your salary.
If you stay 4 years, they transfer to you 10.000€.
You can easily guess that western guys will want to move out before the 4 years so the Type Rating would cost 35.000€.

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