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I was given three days as was my mate. However if you plan to have your last day of service on a Tuesday - then you have 5 days as they donít count the weekends ( ie you have Fri-Tue. Tuesday however will be all at EGHQ and banking etc. Get there as early as possible. Also remember the Emirates NBD at EGHQ closes relatively early if depositing your cash. If you want a no liabilities letter from Emirates NBD ( if your bank) you need to cancel your cc well in advance. They have two different letters - a no liabilities and one other that sounds the same- one means no loans etc - you can get this if cc cancelled late , the other only 30-60 days after cc cancellation- cannot remember- and it means no outstanding cc owing etc etc. . As we had no loans, EK did not require this letter- we just wanted it for back home although so far havenít needed it. We requested it on LDS and it took 3 weeks and they would not email it so had to have someone pick it up... in retrospect probably not worth the hassle.
Can the last salary and provident fund be deposited to your bank account or does it have to be a cheque?
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